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Sahi Gold Enameled Camellia Bear Ring

Prix de vente€50,00


Ours Sahi Gold Enameled Camellia Bear Ring is inspired by the cute bearThe cute bear is always fascinated with the pretty pink Camellia flower, the fairy tale love affair between the bear and the Camellia makes this collection unique.

Specification of Sahi Gold Enameled Camellia Bear Ring

Type:  Hand Enameled London Jewellery
Metal: Rhodium Plated on Brass
Color:  Pink + White 
Dimension: 1.65cm
Weight: 9.29g
Warranty: One Year
Wear Type: Versatile in Style Daily Wear, Party Wear


Rhodium Plated Hand Enameled Beautiful White Bear embedded in Pink Camellia Flower in three sizes Ring. White enamel handmade, bear shape is cute and beautiful, and the pink camellia flower is a symbol of means brave and independent soft to the touch, full of ingenuity.

    Camellia Bear & Flower Shape Ring
    Sahi Gold Enameled Camellia Bear Ring Prix de vente€50,00