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Sahi London Green Zircon Crystal Pendant Necklace

Prix de vente€83,00

About SAHI

SAHI (Sahi London) is a fashion accessories brand from London, England, advocating STYLISH(fashionable), ARTISTIC (art), HEARTY (passion), INGENIOUS (original) spirit. Its product line includes accessories, bags, fragrances, covering the UK,US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Asia markets. SAHI with original design And handmade craftsmanship is the main feature, favored by women who love fashion and life.

Product Description

SAHI London Shines Collection Handmade Zircon Pendant Necklace, Gold-plated, strong sense of design, Niche Treasures Retro New Products for Autumn and Winter

  • Metal: 18CT Gold Plated on Brass
  • SKU : JWUAWSH401
  • Dimension: 70cm+5cm
  • Weight : 21g
More Information
  • Original design by British designers, delivering retro style;
  • The copper body is plated with real gold, thick plating process, low-key and luxurious;
  • With high-quality colored zircon, the color is full, bright and gorgeous;
  • Hand inlaid, multi-faceted cutting, full of ingenuity;
  • Retro sparkle, everyday styling or banquet events are OK;"
  • Copper plated 18K gold, glass plated pearl luster, ingenuity to create;
  • Fashionable and versatile, suitable for everyday wear in a variety of styles;